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Tonic Jewelry

Taking Time

Megan prides herself in taking the time required to create each piece as a sacred process, and never replicating a necklace – each piece she creates is one-of-a-kind, truly unique and original. Megan feels that each one she creates is meant to be with someone and when that match is made, it feels like a loving hug on that person and becomes part of them.

Beautiful Energy

Megan walked into the world of beads and was captivated by the beauty, energy and stories each bead had to share with her. She only works with fair trade beads, purchased from trusted sources, to ensure that each necklace imparts beautiful energy..

Beads are like people

Megan feels that beads are like people, each displaying a uniqueness and beauty beyond what meets the eye. She’s been known to give away necklaces to people who she felt were meant to receive particular pieces.

Tonic: “Having an invigorating effect bodily or mentally.” ~ Webster’s

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